Introduction of the forum

The association is the only official and nationwide trade union organization of detergent, hygiene and cosmetic industry producers, which with more than 50,000 direct workers, the main share of the domestic production of this field belongs to its members.

The position of this association is determined and explained in the statute and strategic plan: The association is expected to be the watchdog, referee, lawyer and representative voice of the detergent, hygiene and cosmetic industry.

The Association of Detergent, Health and Cosmetic Industries of Iran, as the only official and real representative of the majority of the producers of this industrial field, will try to make their voices heard in connection with governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations (domestic and foreign) and with constructive interaction and By identifying, examining, studying and discussing etc Making the necessary effort to amend or approve laws, regulations, etc. . . in such a way that the knot It solved the problems of producers and provided a favorable environment for the production, distribution and export of products in this sector. Association as seen Bani is awake and sharp, the master of the industry from the threats and opportunities ahead will make aware, the association will try to provide a suitable environment for the quantitative and qualitative development of products and the promotion of technical knowledge, technology and innovation in the detergent, hygiene and cosmetic industry of Iran, while introducing its capabilities inside and outside the country. And solving the economic relationship, the power of competitionTo improve their acceptability to a satisfactory level for presence and influence in the world markets, Zamaneh AssociationIt will provide for the relationship between domestic producers to be based on friendship and healthy competition, so that while strengthening and expanding the society’s trust in domestic products, the legal interests of Mahfouz Association members and membership in the association is a source of pride for every Iranian producer of detergent, sanitary and be cosmetic

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