Dear company

Regarding the request of the respected company to become a member of this association, please provide the following documents along with the deposit slip in the amount of 40 million Rials on account to Jam current account number 1769810285, Bank Mellat, North Palestine branch, named after Iran Detergent, Hygiene and Cosmetic Industry Association, to the association’s secretariat located at the beginning of Pasdaran, Zarabkhaneh Three Roads, 10 Sarvestan, Kuche Alaei, No. 20, second floor with
Postal code 1661965813 should be delivered.

  1. The original copy of the advertisement of the establishment of the company in the official newspaper of the country with the latest changes
  2. Copy of the original copy of the establishment and operation licenses from the Ministry of Industries (last renewal)
  3. The copy of the original of the establishment, operation and construction licenses from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education (last renewal)
  4. The image of the licenses for the use of the standard mark, if any (latest renewal)
  5. Copy of the original valid membership card of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Iran.
  6. The original membership application form with the CEO’s seal and signature is attached
  7. The original copy of at least one building permit and the rest of the building permits
  8. The photo of the birth certificate and national card of the CEO

Subsequently, the issue will be announced to the esteemed company in the acceptance committee of the design association and the result.