Transforming the Iran Detergent, Sanitary and Cosmetic Industries Association into an efficient and effective model for members, internal trade unions and similar regional organizations.

1. Maintaining and strengthening and expanding the community’s trust in domestic detergent, sanitary and cosmetic industry products.

2. Removing or modifying the legal, social, cultural, economic, and financial obstacles facing the industry in the production and distribution of quality products on an appropriate scale.

3. Promotion of technical knowledge, technology, innovation and quality of products up to national and international standards, to be able to compete at the international level.

4. Creating a suitable environment for the activity of small and medium units (infrastructural reforms) and strengthening and capacity building for them.

5. Preparation of domestic industry preparation plan to join WTO and its coordination and implementation.

6. Maintaining and expanding the share of the industry from the domestic market and effective presence in the markets of Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

7. Quantitative and qualitative improvement of the performance of the association

  • Mr. Engineer Bakhtiar Alam Begi (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • Dr. Alireza Kayani Azarbaijani (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors)
  • Mr. Engineer Hossam Begdalo (Secretary of the Association)
  • Mr. Engineer Bahram Zandi (treasurer)
  • Mr. Engineer Payam Shah Ali (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Mr. Engineer Jamshid Farozesh (Member of the Board of Directors)
  • Mr. Mehdi Saberi (member of the board of directors)
  • Mr. Engineer Mehdi Zamani (inspector)
  • Mr. Engineer Peyman Ezzati (inspector)

To become a member of Iran Detergent, Sanitary and Cosmetic Industry Association, refer to the following article.

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