Scope of activity

Chemical laboratory equipment with the use of expert and efficient manpower

and the use of modern equipment for the analysis of raw materials and final products

It acts based on national and international standards.


  • Determining the purity of all cosmetic raw materials
  • Chromatographic tests including the measurement of fatty acids and essential oils using a GC device and the measurement of isothiazolines, parabens, phenoxyethanol and the percentage of effective sunscreen substances using an HPLC device.
  • Determination of physical and chemical properties, including melting point, flash point, moisture content, viscosity, density, fluoride content and pH
  • Determining the amount of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, iron, cadmium, etc.) using an atomic absorption device
  • Testing the compliance of detergent, cosmetics and hygiene products with the national standard of Iran
  • Spectrophotometric tests including the amount of formaldehyde, purity of colors, iron in bleaching liquid
  • Conducting training courses for quality control officials


  • GC, HPLC, UV
  • Atomic absorption, melting point, flash point, refractometer, Karl Fischer, viscometer, measurement of fluoride and brushing device for toothpaste and….