Cooperative company for manufacturers of sanitary, industrial and cosmetic products

introduction of a company:

The cooperative company was established in 1362 with the efforts of several large manufacturing companies and after the membership, almost all the companies producing health, industrial and cosmetic products started their activities with the cooperative and the cooperative company is proud to have survived for many years even in the harsh conditions of the imposed war. And the sanctions, with continuous efforts to stabilize the price of raw materials and supply the materials needed by the production units, have had a significant contribution.

Currently, 214 sanitary, industrial and cosmetic product producing units are members of the cooperative company, and a high percentage of these units require chemical raw materials (used in detergent, sanitary and cosmetic products) as well as polymer raw materials (used in the packaging of manufactured products). They procure and supply themselves from the cooperative. Due to the existing facilities and legal conditions available to the cooperative. Active production units to become a member of the cooperative company and learn about the activities and services of the cooperative by calling 26714235, 26714237, 26714217, 26714226, 021-26714226, and fax number 021-26714231 and with the address Tehran, first floor, No. 20, Alai Alley, Zarabkhaneh Three Road, Tehran, e-mail

Hadi Karbalai Mohammad