The training courses of the Association of Detergent, Sanitary and Cosmetic Industries of Iran in 2019 in the form of a written educational calendar based on the needs assessment of the detergent, sanitary and cosmetic industry with the planning of the Education Commission headed by Mr. Engineer Fazelian and with the final approval of the board of directors of the association and approved as follows The following was held (in order to comply with the corona protocols, the courses were held online):

  • Manufacturing and formulation of cosmetic products

Lecturer: Engineer Shiva Mousavian

Dates: November 1, November 15 and November 26, 2019

How to hold: online

Course topics:

– Creams and lotions

– Sanitary detergents

– Safety and quality considerations in the formulation of cosmetic products

  • Familiarization course with GMP principles, criteria and requirements

Lecturer: Dr. Farhanaz Hosseini

Dates: October 30 and November 1

How to hold: online

Course topics:

– Management and quality assurance

– Staff training and health

– Building and equipment of quality control and production departments

– Preparation of documents

– Raw materials and validation

– Product recall

– Self-examination

  • Marketing and branding course

Lecturer: Mr. Engineer Mohsen Amininik

Date of holding: November 26, 2019

How to hold: online

Course topics:

– The evolution of marketing

– Strategic marketing

– Consumer behavior in cosmetics, hygiene and detergent industries

– The importance and levels of innovation in marketing and branding in cosmetics, hygiene and detergent industries

– Examining the latest international reports regarding the ranking and valuation of brands

– Brand social responsibility, social marketing, creating common value and ethics in marketing and design

  • The importance of research and development in cosmetics companies

Lecturer: Dr. Seyed Ali Fatemi

Date of holding: December 25, 2019

How to hold: online

Course topics:

– Research in the field of identifying explicit and implicit needs of cosmetic and health products customers

Formulation and design of cosmetic products

– Physical and chemical control of new products

– Evaluating the safety and effectiveness of new products

– Solutions to determine the claims of cosmetics and health products

  • Microbiology standards in the field of quality control of cosmetic products

Lecturer: Dr. Nahid Rahimi Fard

Date: February 30, 2019

Type of holding: online

Course topics:

– Basic compounds used to prepare the culture medium

– Physical and chemical quality control