Membership, conditions, membership rights and financial resources:

Article 7- Membership:

The membership of all production units and companies in the field of detergent, hygiene and cosmetics industries that meet the following conditions is free in the association, and no unit can be forced to accept membership or be prohibited from applying for membership.

Note 1: Iranian real and legal persons residing abroad whose activities are related to the activities of the association can become members of the association.

Note 2: Foreign real and legal persons residing in Iran can become members of the association by observing the provisions of the statute, provided that their respective countries reciprocate in the case of Iranians residing in that country.

Article 8- The types of membership are:

A- Main: It includes real and legal persons who are directly engaged in activities related to the association.

B- Honorary: includes real persons (academics, relevant specialists and managers and entrepreneurs related to the activity of the association and having at least ten years of work experience) as well as research and study centers and persons listed in Notes 1 and 2 of Article 7 Are.

Note 1: The presence of honorary members in general meetings and assemblies of the association without the right to vote will be allowed.

Article 9- The conditions for the membership of real and legal persons as main members are as follows:

9-1- Submission of a written application for membership to the secretary of the association

9-2- Possessing the citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran

9-3- Acceptance and commitment to implement the provisions of this statute

4-9- Residence in the area of ​​activity of the association

5-9- Entrance payment for one time and membership fee determined regularly and annually

6-9- Presenting documents proving the existence of the industry and having valid operating and construction licenses from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and the Ministry of Industries and Mines and other documents required for the recognition of the association’s acceptance commission.

7-9- Having a valid membership card of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines


  1. Note 1: Any member who loses the conditions of membership of the association, at the discretion of the board of directors, his membership in the association is suspended, but he is required to fulfill the previous obligations, and if the suspension period is more than one year, the membership is canceled, the suspended member has the right to vote. does not have.Note 2: Determining the criteria for membership in the association is one of the powers of the general assembly, and the board of directors, according to the approval of the general assembly, is required to accept the membership of the applicants. Surrender to the board of directors of the association. The decisions of the board of directors in this matter are final.Note 3: In the case of the members of the association who joined the association before the amendment of the current statute, paragraph 5 of article 9 will be extended with a one-year delay.Article 10: Membership right

    The entrance fee and annual membership fee for each member of the association is determined according to the “admission” bylaws, which must be approved by the regular general meeting. According to the proposal of the board of directors, the ordinary general assembly meeting can change the membership fee according to the annual budget of the association.

    Article 11: Resignation of members:

    Each of the members of the association has the right to resign from the membership of the association, while the resigned member must pay the membership fee to the association until the end of the year in which the resignation took place, while settling the outstanding debts.

    Note 1: The request for resignation of members of the association and its acceptance will be dealt with by the acceptance commission of the association.

    Advantages :
    1. Having community services
    2. The possibility of presenting opinions and issues and problems faced for reflection and follow-up by the association in the relevant authorities
    3. Receive news, information, circulars, regulations and rules and regulations
    4. Having the support of the association against the atrocities of governmental and non-governmental organizations
    5. Having educational services of the association in various fields
    6. Receive a letter of introduction as a member to present to various organizations and embassies
    7. Having special facilities in domestic and foreign exhibitions
    8. Having communication facilities of the association such as website, quarterly magazine and database
    8. Having other facilities such as attending public meetings as well as specialized committees and the possibility of communicating with other members through specialized and general working groups.